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GetGlue.com review

I have been using the site Getglue.com for a few months now.  It is a site where users “check-in” to all sorts of things, from movies and music, to family, pets and hobbies.  Users can communicate with others who check-in and like the same things.  Users can also link their twitter and facebook accounts and share their check-ins.  Checking in at certain times, or often to certain things, can earn users stickers.  For example, tonight is the last episode of Eureka, so I checked-in to eureka, and earned a Eureka sticker.  Once you earn 20 or more stickers, they become “unlocked”, which means you can have them sent to your home as physical stickers, free.  They come on a single sheet, and look great!  Perfect for kids and teens.. or geeks like me who like to collect goofy things.  I’ve gotten stickers from movies, comics, tv shows, US states.. all sorts!  Once unlocked you are able to order once a month, and they show up in your mailbox in just a week or two usually.  I recommend anyone who likes stickers, or just goofy collectibles to check them out.  Its free, fun and of course, full of stickers  🙂


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